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South Australian Council of Community Legal Services

27 March 2009

The South Australian Council of Community Legal Services (SACCLS) website was launched approximately eight years ago. Stakeholders are currently not able to easily make changes to the website structure of content. Funding has been secured from the Federal Attorney General's Department. This funding will support SACCLS in redeveloping its website. The goal is to create a more integrated, user friendly and interactive web presence for SACCLS.

While exploring options for the redesign, development and hosting of its website SACCLS became aware of the University of Ballarat's Centre for eCommerce and Communications. After initial discussions and a visit by CeCC to South Australia on 2 February 2009, it was confirmed that CeCC would work with SACCLS to implement new services which will replace the current website at

An online questionnaire has been developed to help in planning the redevelopment of the SACCLS. Survey responses will assist in confirming immediate and longer term priorities for SACCLS online services.

CeCC looks forward to working on the development of new generation online services for SACCLS with representatives from Community Legal Centres located throughout metropolitan and rural South Australia.

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