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Data Democracy

Extended FAQs

Our group of experts answer some frequently asked questions on Data Democracy.


What is big data? (8:43)

Big Data is a commonly used term, but what is it?  Some people define it as massive data sets collected from sensors or machines, others define it as many smaller data sets aggregated together.  In this short film we learn that Big Data has different meanings to different audiences, and how it is being used to better understand our Earth systems, economic systems and social systems.



What is data democracy? (4:15)

Data Democracy is the concept of creating a level playing field where we can all access the available data in a timely and equitable way.  But can a data democracy ever work?  This short film explores some of the concepts of what a data democracy means and how it could be achieved.



What are the benefits of a data democracy? (4:47)

Is data democracy essential for a better society?  How would it help private industry make better decisions?  How could governments use data democracies to improve their decisions for the state?  This short film explores some of these questions from different points of view.



What are the risks of a data democracy? (6:08)

Is a data democracy a risky concept?  If everyone has access to all the data will it be used for sinister or criminal purposes?  Should everyone have free and open access to the data?  These questions are some of those explored in this short film.






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