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Growing Southern Gippsland
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Growing Southern Gippsland

As the name suggests the project will assist agriculture to grow into the future as the region transitions to the future food bowl of Melbourne.


This project will tell the story of how Southern Gippsland Agriculture can develop resilience in a changing climate. 12 properties across the region will go through an in-depth case study process that will document diversification and innovation opportunities that will improve their resilience into the future. These 12 case studies will document the regions climate change adaptation stories and will be representative of all industries and landscape. The stories will become information beacons designed to inform the decision making of the entire agriculture sector in Southern Gippsland.

A series of field days will support the key messages and learnings case studies and more importantly promote peer mentor relationship development. Conversations over the farm fence are renowned as being triggers for changed practice, farmers trust farmers.


A web portal will support the key learnings of this project and will also bring together relevant resources and tools designed to encourage landowner decision making. The web portal will be named ‘Growing Southern Gippsland’.


The entire project will be documented through photography and video enabling the stories, the message and learnings to be communicated to our community beyond the life of the project, securing the projects long term legacy.

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