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Collaborative Research Programs

CeRDI is focused on innovations in the use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) to build capacity in its partner organisations and to effect practice change through digital transformation in industry, government and academia.

CeRDI is strongly positioned to take advantage of opportunities with respect to digital disruption and digital transformations, which are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in research and driving innovation in the broader economy.

CeRDI's multidisciplinary research team has capabilities across a diverse range of domains. The research activities undertaken by CeRDI reflect its breadth of engagement with industry and government and are thematically grouped into the following collaborative research programs, many of which are aligned with Federation University's Research Priority Areas and Australia's National Science and Research Priorities .


Natural Environment

CeRDI's eResearch in the Natural Environment collaborative research program spans a range of areas, including groundwater, soil health, water and estuary health, natural resource management planning and biodiversity, reflective of the multidisciplinary nature of CeRDI research as well as long-term collaborative research relationships with a diverse range of industry and government partners.

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CeRDI has established a national and international profile for its eResearch applied to Agriculture, characterised by innovative approaches using advanced spatial mapping, the federation of agricultural-related data from disparate sources as well as portal design and visualisation tools. CeRDI has participated in the development of international standards for the interoperable exchange of soil data.

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Hazard Planning and Resilence

CeRDI is working alongside state-wide and regional emergency planning organisations, environmental management groups, local government, and with communities to implement initiatives to respond appropriately to emergencies and improve responses to mitigate the impacts of natural hazards and emergencies. Innovative technologies, spatial mapping, and eResearch tools are enabling new, more responsive and appropriate methods for planning and responding. Research has also been conducted by CeRDI that informs resilience building in communities affected by natural disaster and emergencies.

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Health and Wellbeing

CeRDI is providing strong leadership in research and technology advancements with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and the community. In close collaboration with industry leaders and organisations in the health and wellbeing sectors, CeRDI is conducting research and utilising new eResearch technologies to inform and deliver change which has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local communities.

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Heritage and Culture

CeRDI is working with regional Victorian organisations, local governments, and indigenous groups on important initiatives to support and promote culture and heritage. CeRDI has a key role in projects that maintain, build and promote built and natural environments. eResearch strategies together with clever portal development technologies are being used to meet a range of objectives that support knowledge building in heritage and culture within and across communities.

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Regional Development

CeRDI has worked with Victorian regional local governments to develop practical strategies to harness the opportunities of next generation broadband for their communities. These strategies have been developed with Lateral Plains and were informed by community consultation, surveys, case studies and the economic and social strategies of the regions. The implementation of these strategies has proved successful in shaping local governments' actions and positioning the regions as digital ready.

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