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Dr Angela Murphy

Dr Angela Murphy

Senior Research Fellow

Call: 03 5327 6198


  • 2004 - Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sociology), Ballarat University. Thesis Title: ‘When Urban Policy Meets Regional Practice: Evidence – Based Practice from the perspective of multi-disciplinary teams working in rural and remote health service provision’
  • 1998 - Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment, Ballarat University (TAFE Division)
  • 1995 - Masters Modules in Criminology, Melbourne University
  • 1989 - Graduate Diploma in Education, Monash University
  • 1980 - Graduate Diploma in Criminology, Melbourne University
  • 1979 - BA, Social Sciences, La Trobe University

Professional memberships

Victorian Institute of Teaching, The Australian Sociological Association

Current Community Memberships

  • CORE Management Group of the Strengthening Generations, Ballarat Communities that Care, City of Ballarat
  • SSMART (Surviving Substance Misuse & Alcohol Risk Taking) Network (combined Network of alcohol and other drug service delivery agencies)

Brief Summary of Employment History

2013 – 2014

Victoria University, Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria (Part time)

  • Lecturer – Research Approaches and methodologies, School of Social Work

2004 – 2014

Federation University of Australia (Previously University of Ballarat), Mt Helen, Victoria

  • Research Focus:
    • 2014 – Community Legal Services and their impacts in rural and regional communities
    • 2012 – Educational Outcomes and Aspirations: A Community Based Assessment across 4 case study sites in Regional Victoria (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development)
    • 2011 – Mapping Access and Referral Pathways for Marginalised Victims of Violent Crime in Rural and Regional Victoria (Centacare and Department of Justice)
    • 2011 – Measuring the emerging Impacts of the Child and Family Welfare Reform Agenda on Statewide Community Service Organisations (Phase 2 research)
    • 2010 – Measuring the emerging Impacts of the Child and Family Welfare Reform Agenda on Regional Community Service Organisations (Phase 1 research)
    • 2009 – Services Planning for the Ballarat Health Services Commonwealth Respite Care Carers Choice Program
    • 2009 – Evaluation of the Molbray St Step Up Program for the Ballarat Creating Connections Consortium (current)
    • 2009 – Evaluation of the Lisa Lodge Gender Specific Residential Services Unit (current)
    • 2008/2009 – Regional Training of Child Protection and Community Services Organisation staff on the Looking After Children case management model
    • 2008/2009 – Research into the emerging impacts of the Child, Youth and Families Act (2005) – Statewide research involving 8 CSOs and the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare (current)
    • 2008 – Evaluation of the Hepburn Healthy Communities Project – Three year evaluation project for the Shire of Hepburn
    • 2008 -Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice staff training: Golden Plains Shire
    • 2007 – Evaluation of the Planning Opportunities and Delivering Services to pregnant and parenting young people – programmatic evaluation for Ballarat Community Health Services
    • 2007 – Evaluation of the Strengthening Generations SSMART Answers Conference – City of Ballarat
    • 2006 – 2008 Service Planning and Development project: PODS at Ballarat Community Health Centre
    • 2006 -Evaluation of Strengthening Generations Communities that Care Project.
    • 2005 -Evaluation of Ballarat Health Services Adult Day Programs.
    • 2004 -Regional Training and Research Development with the Grampians Regional Primary Care Partnerships (Ballarat, Ararat and Horsham) and the Grampians Department of Human Services
    • 2004 - Statewide Evaluation of the Beginning Practice in Child Protection, Department of Human Services, Worker Induction Program (with Katrina Brown and Rosemary Green)
  • Course Co-ordination
    • Program Coordinator in Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare) (since 2009)
  • Lecturer and Tutor
    • Teaching first, second and third year students in the Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare) program in the areas of: Social Policy; Orientation to Welfare; Professional Practice and Research; Working in Human Services Organisations; Fieldwork; Group work.
    • Teaching Nursing Students in the Bachelor of Nursing program.
    • Teaching Masters Students in the Masters of Social Enquiry.
    • Supervision of Capstone Students in the Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare) program.
  • Field Placement Supervision
    • Fieldwork liaison of second and third year students in Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare) program.
  • Higher degree student supervision
    • Supervision of Capstone and Honours students in the Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare)
    • Supervision of Masters students in the Masters of Psychotherapy and Counselling program
    • Principal and Associate Supervision of PhD students.
  • Research Officer:  Institute for Regional and Rural Research
  • Consultant working with government and non government sector agencies in the areas of:
    • Program evaluation
    • Strategic planning
    • Training in evaluation, services planning and submission writing
    • Needs Analysis
    • Community Capacity Building
    • Management training
  • Examples of the types of projects undertaken in this role included:
    • Southern Cluster Intervention and Prevention program evaluation
    • Ballarat Community Health Centre Community Consultation Project
    • Ballarat Community Health Centre Service and Strategic Planning process
    • Centre Against Sexual Assault Service and Strategic Planning process
    • Grampians Housing Network Service and Strategic Planning process
    • Regional Health Services Program Regional Primary Health Planning

July 2007–January 2008

Lisa Lodge, Ballarat (industry release)

  • Acting Executive Director (short term)
    • Agency Management (as a locum) of the following areas:
    • All programs in the areas of: Family Violence; Out of Home Care; Residential Services; Family Mediation; Youth Homelessness Services; Mentoring; and Human Resources.
    • Negotiation with the Department of Human Services on funding and program issues. Budget management.
    • Supervision of senior agency staff.
    • Agency representation at senior management forums – local, regional and state wide.
    • Critical Incident management.
  • Quality Practice Advisor
    • Provision of staff training in: Case Noting; Implementation of Looking After Children.
    • Policy and Procedure analysis, review and development.
    • Implementation of quality enhancement framework for practice in Out of Home Care, Family Violence and SAAP services.


Joint Initiative: Lisa Lodge, Ballarat and Child & Family Services, Ballarat (industry release)

  • Regional Quality Practice Advisor
    • Development of Regional Training Package on the Looking After Children Evidence Based Guided Practice Case Management Model.
    • Development of Statewide Training Package (in conjunction with the Department of Human Services) to support the Statewide implementation of the Child, Youth and Families Act (2005).
    • Provision of staff training across Grampians Region in: The Looking After Children Case Management Model.
    • Provision of staff training across Lisa Lodge and Child and Family Services in: Case Noting; Team Building; Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice.
    • Establishment of Evidence-Based Practice initiative across Lisa Lodge and Child and Family Services.
    • Policy and Procedure analysis, review and development.
    • Establishment and initial implementation of quality enhancement framework for practice in Out of Home Care across Lisa Lodge and Child and Family Services.
    • Fieldwork supervision of second and third year students from the Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare) program at the University of Ballarat.
    • Provision of carer training and support.
    • Development of staff orientation program and resources.
    • Development of staff supervision resources.


University of Ballarat, TAFE Division

  • Program Manager – School of Community Services and Health
    • Coordination of the Diploma of Community Services, Welfare Studies including teaching and field placement
    • Teaching in welfare studies, disability services and management
    • Development of competency based training modules in Diploma in Welfare Services, Certificate Four in Disability Services
    • Industry training with government and non-government sector agencies


Scopes Unlimited, Ballarat, Victoria

  • Senior Consultant and Co-owner, Management Consulting Group
    • Evaluation of non government sector agencies
    • Community consultation and facilitation projects
    • Regional Planning and Development, government and non government sector agencies


Department of Human Services, Grampians Region, Victoria
Roles included:

  • Case Worker – Probation and Parole
  • Case worker and case manager – Protective services
  • Program Advisor: SAAP Program, Services Planning and Development Unit, Community Support Program, Family and Children Services and Intellectual Disability Services
  • Regional Manager, Physical and Sensory Disability Services
  • Regional Manager, Early Intervention Program
  • Manager, Services Planning & Development, Aradale Redevelopment Project (1991 – 1993)

Research Activities / Interests

  • The use of evidence based practice in health and welfare
  • Rural and remote practice
  • Community capacity building
  • Preventative programs for drug and alcohol amongst regional youth
  • Child, youth and family welfare with a particular focus on the Victorian legislative reforms

Community engagement in past five years

  • Community Support role working extensively with community based committees of management across Grampians Region
  • Committee Member, PILATS Disability Services, Child & Family Services Ballarat
  • Member, CORE Management Group, Strengthening Generations, City of Ballarat (current)
  • Member, SSMART Network, Drug and Alcohol Sector, City of Ballarat (current)
  • Journal papers

    Ollerenshaw, A., Murphy, A., & McDonald, K. (2017). Leading the way: The integral role of local government within a multisector partnership delivering a large infrastructure project in an Australian growth region. Local Government Studies, 43(2), 291-314. doi: 10.1080/03003930.2016.1274259

    Dahlhaus, P., Murphy, A., MacLeod, A., Thompson, H., McKenna, K., & Ollerenshaw, A. (2016). Making the invisible visible: The impact of federating groundwater data in Victoria, Australia. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 18(2), 238-255. doi: 10.2166/hydro.2015.169

    Grace, M., Malone, J., & Murphy, A. (2016). Transferability of the youth foyer model for women exiting the criminal justice system. Journal of Social Work, 16(4), 470-488. doi: 10.1177/1468017315579306

    Grace, M., Malone, J., & Murphy, A. (2016). WAND: An activity program for women in a rooming house. Affilia, 31(1), 84-97. doi: 10.1177/0886109915574577

    Murphy, A., & McDonald, J. (2004). Power, status and marginalisation: Rural social workers and evidence-based practice in multidisciplinary teams. Australian Social Work, 57(2), 127-136. doi: 10.1111/j.1447-0748.2004.00127.x

    McDonald, J., Brown, L., & Murphy, A. (2002). Strengthening primary health care: Building the capacity of rural communities to access health funding. The Australian Journal of Rural Health, 10(3), 173-177. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1584.2002.tb00028.x

    McDonald, J., Murphy, A., & Payne, W. (2001). Ballarat health consortium: A case study of influential factors in the development and maintenance of a health partnership. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 7(2), 75-82. doi: 10.1071/PY01037

  • Conferences

    Murphy A, Dahlhaus P and Thompson H (2016) Historic Urban Landscapes and Visualising Ballarat: citizen participation for sustainable urban planning and design.  Locate 16: Distruptive Technology for a Smarter Society.  12–14 April 2016, Melbourne.

    Murphy A, Thompson H and Dahlhaus P (2016) Making intangibles tangible: visualisation informing, engaging and empowering community for embedding cultural heritage within the public domain.  EVAA 2016: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Australasia  5–6 March, 2016, Canberra.

    Dahlhaus PG, Murphy A, MacLeod A, Thompson H and McKenna K (2015) Changing practices: the impact of making groundwater data visible through an interoperative web portal in Victoria, Australia. AQUA2015, 42nd IAH Congress, September 13–18, 2015, Rome, Italy.

    Murphy A (2010) Victims won't even report the crime let alone use support services: the complexities of building pathways to victim support services for marginalised people. Presentation at the Meeting the Needs of Victims of Crime Conference, Sydney, May, 2011.

    Murphy A (2009) Spaces, connection and creativity: the road to a stronger community in rural Victoria. Presentation to the International Conference on Creative Communities, Griffith University, April 2009.

    Murphy A, Murphy A, Greenslade D (2008) Planning opportunities and delivering services for young parents (PODS): an individual and community wellbeing program. Presentation at the Population Health Conference, Brisbane, July, 2008. 

    Murphy A (2008) Administrative management or enhanced practice: the role of evidence-based practice on the road to quality. Presentation at the AWAC conference, Sydney, August 2008.

    Murphy A (2007) From academic trekking to practice reality. Keynote paper presented at the University of Ballarat Annual Research Conference, Ballarat, November.

    Murphy A (2005) When urban policy meets rural practice: barriers and enablers to the implementation of evidence-based practice. Presentation to the National Institute for Clinical Studies, Melbourne: August 2005.

    Murphy A (2005) Communities that care: evidence based practice and strengthening generations working toward prevention science in a large regional community. Presentation to the National Communities that Care Conference, Centre for Adolescent Health, University of Melbourne: June 2005.

    Murphy A (2004) When urban policy meets regional practice. Paper presented at the University of Ballarat Annual Research Conference, Ballarat, 3 November.

    Murphy A and McDonald J (2004) Clinical health practice in a remote setting: the impact of local community relationships. Paper presented at the Australian Sociological Association Annual Research Conference, Beechworth, 8–11 December.

    McDonald J and Murphy A (2004) Still on the outer edges?: Progress towards and prospects for the development of a rural and remote evidence base for clinical practice.  Paper presented at the 8th National Rural Health Conference, Alice Springs 2005.

    Murphy A (2003) What is evidence-based practice anyway? A rural survey.  Paper presented at the 7th National Rural Health Conference, Hobart.

    Murphy A (2003) Drowning, not waving: rural social workers face the rising tide of evidence-based practice. Paper presented at the University of Ballarat Annual Research Conference, Ballarat.

    Murphy A and Dow B (2002) Academic tesearch with industry partners. Paper presented at the University of Ballarat Annual Research Conference, Ballarat.

    Brown L, Murphy A and Mann S (2001) Building on success in rural and remote communities: insights from the Grampians Region of Victoria.  Paper presented at the 6th National Rural Health Conference, Darwin.

    Brown, L., Murphy, A., & Green, R. (2000). Creating partnerships: an Australian experience in rural health. Proceedings of the Rural Communities and Identities in the Global Millennium International Conference, Malaspina University College.

  • Reports

    Bonney, P., Murphy, A., Corbett, J., Taylor, M., Thompson, H. (2018). Barwon Coast Coastal Management and Beach Usage Research Report. Report prepared for Barwon Coast Committee of Management. Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation. Federation University Australia. 94p.

    Murphy A, McKenna K, Milne R, Taylor M, Corbett J, Dahlhaus P and Thompson H (2016) Online Farm Trials (OFT) Impact Research: eResearch (first wave) extended timeframe research study. Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University Australia (Ballarat). 107p.

    Murphy A, Dahlhaus P, MacLeod A, Thompson H, McKenna K, Ollerenshaw A, Corbett J and McDonald K (2015) Visualising Victoria's Groundwater: researching and analysing impact. Phase 1 (first wave) research report prepared for the Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund.

    Murphy A, Dahlhaus P, MacLeod A, Thompson H, McKenna K, Tsilemanis A, Ollerenshaw A and Corbett J (2015) Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) and Visualising Ballarat – eResearch (first wave) extended timeframe research study. Report prepared for City of Ballarat and UNESCO.

    Ollerenshaw A, Murphy A, McDonald K and Thompson H (2015) Western BACE Partnership Research Report 2015. Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation. Federation University Australia. 57p.

    Murphy, A., Ollerenshaw, A., & Gregory, R. (2012). The school-community nexus: examining the school/community link across 4 regional school communities. Report published for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Grampians Region.

    Murphy, A., McDonald, J., & Ollerenshaw, A. (2011). Mapping access and referral pathways for marginalised victims of violent crime in rural and regional Victoria. Report published for the Victims Support Agency, Department of Justice, through Centacare, Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Inc.

    Murphy, A. (2011). The service delivery implications of the Children, Youth and Families Act (2005) for community service organisations across Victoria Monograph Series, Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare: Melbourne.

    Murphy, A. (2009). An investigation of the emerging service delivery and governance implications of the Children, Youth and Families Act (2005) for community service organisations in regional Victoria, Monograph Series, Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare: Melbourne.

  • Mapping the impact of technological innovation on informed decision making and practice change – a multi-site bounded system analysis (for six projects – VVG, HUL & VisBal, OFT, Fire and emergency management, NRM planning portal, Water watch and estuary watch
  • The social determinants of human services: a Wimmera perspective. This is the start of the Visualising Social Determinants web portal being developed in consultation with the health, welfare and community services sectors in the Wimmera region
  • Parents with disabilities in the child protection and family services environment with Disability Advocacy Victoria

Principal supervisor

Associate supervisor

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