Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)

About CeRDI

The Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) is located with the Federation University Australia Research and Innovation Portfolio. Through research, knowledge transfer and commercial activities CeRDI promotes innovation through the application of new technologies.

CeRDI was first established during 1998 to facilitate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use and to promote the role of the internet through enhanced regional connections, partnership initiatives, and the application of ICT processes. Centre activities were primarily focused on supporting the practical application of ICT in a regional and rural context.

Today, CeRDI is a global leader in data interoperability and has developed many award-winning web-based spatial information and knowledge portals which provide public access to data sets that are often hidden from view. 

Data provision and spatial information portals including Online Farm Trials, Ballarat Historical Urban Landscapes, Visualising Victoria's Groundwater, Corangamite Soil Knowledgebase and Sport and Recreation Spatial, have been established in partnership with a range of research investors and collaborators and can be accessed at:

As an outcome, environmental, landscape, industry and planning data are more discoverable and accessible to support practical and applied solutions in areas including productive agriculture, municipal planning, natural resource and environmental management and fire and emergency services preparedness, response and recovery. 

CeRDI also conducts longitudinal impact research to understand how eResearch and digital innovation including these interoperable spatial data portals can achieve sustained practice change and build empowerment and ownership across groups, communities and industries. actively pursues partnerships with industries, organisations, enterprises and communities with the aim of contributing to and enhancing technology application and knowledge transfer. 

CeRDI deploys its capabilities and engages in knowledge transfer which has demonstrable relevance to, and impact on, communities and regions served by the University. It also sells its services nationally, thereby enriching the knowledge and capability of its staff. The long-term engagement and interaction with both large and small private and public organisations ensures CeRDI remains relevant, responsive and reputable.

Key delivery areas

CeRDI seeks to support the take-up of new ideas, practices and paradigms that have economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits. Research, knowledge transfer and commercial activities are delivered in areas including:

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