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Heritage and Culture
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Heritage and Culture

CeRDI is working with regional Victorian organisations, local governments, and indigenous groups on important initiatives to support and promote culture and heritage. CeRDI has a key role in projects that maintain, build and promote built and natural environments. eResearch strategies together with clever portal development technologies are being used to meet a range of objectives that support knowledge building in heritage and culture within and across communities.


Historic Urban Landscapes Ballarat

Historic Urban Landscapes Ballarat

CeRDI and the City of Ballarat have collaborated on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Ballarat web portal. The portal is one of the strategies developed for Ballarat, as a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Historic Urban Landscape Global project, to ensure the city continues to retain its character, landscape and cultural significance as it grows. Continue reading...

Visualising Ballarat

Visualising Ballarat

Visualising Ballarat is a spatial mapping tool which is embedded within the Historic Urban Landscapes (HUL) web portal. Visualising Ballarat is a mechanism for knowledge building and for planning, enabling end users to directly access complex data sets from a single point of access and to participate in the localised knowledge building process. The data sets available include data relating to historic landscapes, trees, parks, views, and landmarks, natural landscapes, geology, services and infrastructure, boundaries and regulatory tools. Continue reading...

Gunaikurnai Online Information Hub

Gunaikurnai Online Information Hub

The Gunaikurnai Information Hub provides support for the joint management of parks and reserves of the Appointed Lands of the Gunaikurnai people, the Traditional Owners of Gippsland, with the Traditional Owners playing a central role in managing these lands into the future. Continue reading...


Interoperable Framework to Integrate Involuntary Geospatial Data in Web Based Geoportals

Interoperable framework to integrate involuntary geospatial data in web based geoportals

by Shirish Sharma

Research in data integration is gaining momentum recently as a result of rapidly advancing technology which offers an increasing availability of data. However, heterogeneous data from disparate sources are often difficult to seamlessly integrate due to a wide array of data types, structures formats in use. Continue reading...




Dr. Angela Murphy - Speaking about Impact Research at CeRDI
Dr. Angela Murphy - Speaking about Impact Research at CeRDI (2:05)

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