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Health and Wellbeing
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Health and Wellbeing

CeRDI is providing strong leadership in research and technology advancements with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and the community. In close collaboration with industry leaders and organisations in the health and wellbeing sectors, CeRDI is conducting research and utilising new eResearch technologies to inform and deliver change which has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local communities.


Digital Health CRC

Digital Health CRC

In 2018, Federation University Australia together with 15 partner universities were awarded $55 million funding from the Federal government to establish the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre (CRC). This seven year partnership also includes industry and other public health stakeholders. Continue reading...

Sport and Recreation Spatial

Sport and Recreation Spatial

Through visual tools and interactive maps, the Sport and Recreation Spatial portal presents spatial data relevant to all levels of the sport and recreation sector in Victoria for analysis, strategic planning, policy formulation and evidence-based decision making - to improve sports participation rates, health outcomes and community connectedness. Continue reading...

Dementia Pathways Tool

Dementia Pathways Tool

The Dementia Pathways Tool is a publically-accessible resource which provides primary health care professionals with access to a web-based repository containing information, tools and resources to guide and enhance current assessment and referral practices for patients with dementia. Initially established for the Grampians region, and subsequently the south east Melbourne region, the Dementia Pathways Tool is also available to primary health care professionals outside these regions. Continue reading...


Dementia Care in Hospitals Program

CeRDI, together with Professor Britt Klein, Director of the Centre for Biopsychosocial and eHealth Research and Innovation, FedUni, has been engaged to develop a web-based education package for the Dementia Care in Hospitals Program, a national program aimed at improving the experience of patients with cognitive impairment in acute hospital settings. Continue reading...

East Grampians and Stawell Chronic Disease Integrated Response Initiative

East Grampians & Stawell Chronic Disease Integrated Response Initiative

As part of the Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) request for proposals for rural allied health funding, CeRDI was engaged by East Grampians Health Service and Stawell Regional Health to enhance capacity to effectively implement an evidence based approach for complex health conditions related to place specific issues within the region, as they relate to service delivery. Continue reading...

Health Justice Partnership for Youth

Central Highlands Health Justice Partnership

The Central Highlands Health Justice Partnership is delivering an integrated health justice service to improve the legal, health and wellbeing outcomes for disadvantaged young people. Facilitating early intervention and raising awareness of the impact of legal problems on the health and wellbeing for the region’s youth is a key objective of the program. Continue reading...

Shifting the Norm

Youth C.A.N. (Changing Alcohol Norms)

CeRDI researchers have undertaken a pilot study in the Horsham region of Victoria to identify strategies and interventions which have the potential to shift cultural norms in the consumption of alcohol by young people. Continue reading...

Wimmera Information Portal

Wimmera Information Portal

The Wimmera Information Portal (WIP) is a collaboration between the social, health and community services arenas within the Wimmera region to help address systemic disadvantage. WIP is an online portal which brings together existing social, health and wellbeing datasets and information created and managed by government agencies, organisations, community groups and individuals to inform planning, decision making and response strategy development. Continue reading...


A Geospatial Analysis of Sport/Leisure Injuries of Victoria, Australia

Spatial Epidemiological Investigation of Sport and Leisure Injuries in Victoria, Australia

by Himalaya Singh

Sport and leisure injuries are recognised as a public health issue in Australia. Despite the many health benefits associated with sport and leisure participation, there is a risk of sustaining injury during participation. To keep Australia active, there is a critical need to prevent injury occurrence. Continue reading...

The Relationship Between Business Incubator Services and the Psychological Capital of Tenants

The relationship between business incubator services and the psychological capital of tenants

by Alison Ollerenshaw

Business incubators (BI) offer nascent businesses a protective, nurturing environment, supporting tenants to grow their businesses and be sustainable in the long-term (Bergek & Norrman, 2008; Robinson & Stubberud, 2014). Incubators offer characteristic services that include (a) access to space, physical resources and infrastructure; (b) business support; (c) networking; and, (d) structured selection, entry and exit for tenants. Continue reading...





Sport and Recreation Spatial
Sport and Recreation Spatial (5:48)

Sport and Recreation Spatial integrates data about sport and recreation participation, sport and recreation facilities, population demographics and population health from multiple data custodians.

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Health Justice Partnerships
Health Justice Partnerships (3:17)

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Central Highlands Health Justice Partnership
Central Highlands Health Justice Partnership (1:04)

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STUCK: Health Justice for Youth
STUCK: Health Justice for Youth (2:21)

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VicHealth Alcohol Cultures Framework
VicHealth Alcohol Cultures Framework (2:09)

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Youth C.A.N. (0:48)


Youth C.A.N. - VicHealth Alcohol Culture Change
Youth C.A.N. - VicHealth Alcohol Culture Change (1:20)

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Sport & Recreation Spatial - Demonstration Video Where to invest in facility development
Sport & Recreation Spatial - Demonstration Video Where to invest in facility development (5:03)

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