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CeRDI has established a national and international profile for its eResearch applied to Agriculture, characterised by innovative approaches using advanced spatial mapping, the federation of agricultural-related data from disparate sources as well as portal design and visualisation tools. CeRDI has participated in the development of international standards for the interoperable exchange of soil data.


Food Agility CRC

Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre

The Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is a $150 million innovation hub creating new digital technologies and services to benefit the Australian agrifood industry over a ten year period. CeRDI is contributing across each of the CRCs research programs which span Digital Agrifood Technologies, Agrifood Informatics and Sustainable Food Systems. Continue reading...

Soil Co-operative Research Centre

Soil Cooperative Research Centre

In 2017, the Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils (CRC-HPS) was awarded $39.5 million over 10 years to assist Australian farmers make decisions on complex soil management issues. Federation University Australia has a major role in this CRC project, which is designed to optimise productivity, yield and profitability and ensure long-term sustainability of farming businesses. The University will contribute research expertise to better assist management and decision making in the use and development of high performance soils. Continue reading...

Agriculture Research Data Cloud

Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed)

Advances in farm technology have led to an increase in the collection of data by growers, agronomists, researchers and industry, with the potential to conduct advanced analysis techniques for better prediction. However, these data are not always findable, accessible or interoperable, and therefore not able to be easily integrated and reused. This leads to precious time lost in data cleaning and manipulation, or in worst case scenarios, poor science outcomes due to relevant data being ignored. Continue reading...
Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is one of Australia’s most experienced agriculture technology providers. In 2017, the company initiated a three-year research collaboration with Federation University Australia to accelerate the adoption of precision farming techniques in Australia. This collaboration will see Precision Agriculture and FedUni’s CeRDI co-creating innovative digital agriculture, spatial mapping, data visualisation and decision support tools in response to farmer and farm adviser needs across broad acre cropping, horticulture, viticulture and pasture-based systems. Continue reading..

Riverine Plains

Riverine Plains

This study is examining in-paddock variability in the chemical properties of soil for suitable plant growth. The research is using precision agriculture datasets to unlock new insights about plant performance in varying soil conditions. Continue reading...

Online Farm Trials

Online Farm Trials

Online Farm Trials (OFT) provides online access to trial research information for Australia's grains industry. Funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation, OFT provides advanced spatial mapping and filtering tools to enable agronomists and growers to rapidly find published research trials which are decision useful. With spatial enablement, other relevant location-based grains data are federated, including soil and climate data from complementary national, state and regional databases. OFT received the 2016 Victorian Spatial Excellence Award for Spatial Enablement. Continue reading...

Online GRDC Final Reports  screenshot

Online Final Reports

Over a four-year period, CeRDI has developed a web-based digital repository of all Final Reports dating back to the early 1990s for the Grains Research and Development Corporation. This project has enabled GRDC to evaluate, convert and collate reports into a consistent and accessible format for easy access and comparison. Innovative knowledge management approaches are supporting greater access to research and grater uptake of research findings across the grains industry. Continue reading...

Southern Farming Systems soil probe network

Southern Farming Systems Soil Probe Network

The Southern Farming Systems (SFS) soil probe network portal (ProbeTrax) has been established to monitor and assess soil temperature and moisture conditions from 62 soil probes which have been installed across the major soil types of the high rainfall zones of Victoria and Tasmania. CeRDI has developed a web platform that displays the current and historical soil moisture and temperature values across the probe Continue reading...

Crop Pro - Diagnostic Agronomy for the Southern Region

Crop Pro - Diagnostic Agronomy for the Southern Region

CropPro is a web-based diagnostic tool developed primarily for agronomists in Victoria to provide evidence-based information, diagnostic and economic tools to enhance Victoria's wheat and canola crop productivity and profitability. The tool was developed in collaboration with the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. Continue reading...

Grain and Graze 3

Grain and Graze 3

Grain and Graze 3 is an online portal which provides updated information, case studies, articles, discussion papers, tools and other decision-making resources to assist mixed farming enterprises. Grain and Graze 3 was developed in collaboration with Nicon Rural Services. Continue reading...

Agricultural Price Guide Tool

Agricultural Price Guide Tool

The Agricultural Price Guide is a web-based tool developed to enable growers and agronomists to examine historic pricing information and fluctuations in prices for major agricultural commodities at various locations across southern and Western Australia. The Price Guide is one of the custom applications developed for the Grain and Graze 3 website. Continue reading...

Digital Soil Mapping in Australia (OzDSM) screenshot

Digital Soil Mapping in Australia

Digital Soil Mapping in Australia (OzDSM) is a collaborative workspace for researchers working on digital soil mapping (DSM) in Australia. This workspace has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Advisory Group on Digital Soil Assessment, a working group of the National Committee on Soil and Terrain. CeRDI is collaborating with OzDSM to develop and test digital soil mapping products and functions. Continue Reading...

Soil Interoperability Experiment Demonstrator screenshot

Soil Interoperability Experiment Demonstrator

The Soil IE Demonstrator was constructed for the OGC global interoperability experiment. It interoperably federates soil data stored in three disparate databases in New Zealand, Australia and The Netherlands. Data is displayed via a universal schema (SoilML) and data can be dynamically modelled using pedotransfer functions via a web processing service (WPS). Continue reading...

Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater

Visualising Victoria's Groundwater

Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater (VVG) is an innovative technology offering a real-time, centralised site for Victoria’s ground water information, a resource normally invisible to the public. VVG consolidates data from over 400,000 bores from four authoritative sources together with Victorian aquifer information with features that include spatial visualisations, hydrogeological models and historical records and maps. In 2018, an updated and modernised VVG portal was launched offering extensive new functionality and content. Continue reading...

Natural Resource Management Planning

Natural Resource Management Planning

The Corangamite Natural Resource Management Planning Portal (NRM Planning Portal) is an innovative approach to collaborative, integrated catchment management by providing the tools and information for communities and agencies to identify joint priorities for catchment management. The NRM Planning Portal enables information, knowledge and environmental datasets to be shared, allowing participants to exchange insights about land management in a collaborative online environment. Continue reading...

Corangamite Soil Health Knowledge Base

Corangamite Soil Health Knowledge Base

The Corangamite Soil Health Knowledge Base is a repository of soil health information for the Corangamite region of Victoria. It assists land managers and other stakeholders to implement catchment management plans across the region. The Knowledge Base was developed in collaboration with Corangamite CMA and was awarded the 2015 Victorian Spatial Excellence Award and the 2015 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award, Environment and Sustainability category. Continue reading...


Research Context

Referred to as the New Digital Age (Schmidt and Cohen 2013), or era of Big Data (e.g. Boyd and Crawford 2012; Mayer-Schonberger and Cukier 2013) the present time period provides unprecedented opportunities for a deeper understanding and appreciation of our global environments, including agricultural and agribusiness environments. The volume of digital data in agricultural landscapes has grown exponentially, much of it collected by sensors (Keogh and Henry 2016; Stubbs 2016). In addition, data availability has vastly improved as governments in many countries adopt open data policies, including Australia (Productivity Commission 2016).


Developing and implementing interoperative agricultural data exchange standards

Developing and implementing interoperative agricultural data exchange standards

by Chris Bahlo

Precision Agriculture has the potential to improve Australian agriculture by making it more resilient, productive and profitable while reducing environmental impact and increasing social value. Improvements in farm profitability and Australia's global competitiveness can be achieved through integration of digital data generated by sensor technologies with existing landscape and legacy data sets from many sources. The use of open standards in this process of discovery, assessment, access and use of data, sensors and processing services will allow collaboration, fluid publishing and dynamic decision-making. Continue reading...



Documentary Movies

Online Farm Trials: The OFT Story

The principle objective of the OFT project is to help improve the productivity and sustainability of farming enterprises by improving access to trial research information

Online Farm Trials (OFT) - Why participate in the OFT project?
Online Farm Trials (OFT) - SFS Case Study (Malt vs. Barley)
Probe Trax SFS moisture probe platform

A new web based platform to interact with the SFS moisture probe network.

The Soil CRC journey to find soil health, soil function & soil performance indicators.

Visit the Soil CRC YouTube Channel.

Is a suite of soil indicators a better measure of soil performance?

Visit the Soil CRC YouTube Channel.

Are your soil indicators fit for purpose?

Visit the Soil CRC YouTube Channel.

What are soil indicators?

Visit the Soil CRC YouTube Channel



OFT Trial Explorer - Viewing trial information
OFT Trial Explorer - Search & Filter Tools

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