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Dr Basharat Ali

Drew Collins

PhD Candidate

School of Engineering, IT and Physical Sciences

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Peter Dahlhaus,  Assoc Prof Helen Thompson and Dr Nathan Robinson

Basharat completed his 1st PhD (Tech, Ops & Logistics) from Northern University of Malaysia, two masters (e-commerce and ICT Adv.) from Uni. of Wollongong, Australia and B.Eng. (Comp. Sys) from MUET, Pakistan. He relates to almost fifteen years of national and international experience in academia, training, mgmt. and industry consultancy, working with Telstra Australia, MEC (Coventry University, UK) and UUM Malaysia. Also, he has conducted academic trainings and workshops on research methods (from research design to data analysis through latest Structural Equation Modelling approaches and SPSS), for post-grad students and academicians.

Skilled in quantitative and qualitative research techniques within the built environment using PLS-SEM (SmartPLS, AMOS, NVivo, and SPSS) technique, his research interest includes: innovation mgmt., religiosity, consumer psychology, HRM, education and technology mgmt. He has numerous international publications, published with Scopus and peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings to his credit. Basharat has recently joined CeRDI to pursue HDR.


Precision conservation agricultural practices (PCAPs) and agriculture performance: the moderating role of FAIRness of data and resilience
Precision conservation agricultural practices (PCAPs) and agriculture performance: the mediating and moderating roles of FAIR data and resilient practices

Based on the 2050 projection of agriculture production and the evaluation of environmental impacts of substitute ways to meet the future food demand, it has been established that the environmental implications of meeting this demand depends on the mechanism adopted by global agriculture.

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