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Jude Channon

Jude Channon

Research Officer

Jude worked as a Research Officer with CeRDI in 2017 and in 2019 returned to CeRDI after taking time out to implement a large scale healthcare project across regional Victoria. Jude has a Masters in Education from RMIT University where her research focussed on youth and community development in South Africa.

Call: 03 5327 9672

  • Reports

    Wong, M., Box, P., Epstein, J., Lee, A., Thompson, H., Levett, K., Channon, J., Wilson, P., Taylor, N., Hergenhan, R., Berger, B., Gilliham, & M. (2020, March 10). Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed) Steering Policies, Roles and Responsibilities (Version 1). Zenodo.


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