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Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre
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Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre

In 2018, Federation University together with 15 partner universities were awarded $55 million funding from the Federal government to establish the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre (CRC). This seven year partnership also includes industry and other public health stakeholders.

The CRC for Digital Health will improve the health and health care of Australians and advance the economy with collaborative research and development using a combination of multi-disciplinary skills, industry knowledge, technologies, networks and data.


The Digital Health CRC will address a broad set of aims that include empowering consumers, understanding and managing health risks of individuals and communities, supporting clinical practice, improving system efficiency and access to quality care, and building and enhancing businesses to provide high value jobs and solutions in a growing global market.

Federation University’s participation is being led by Professor Fergal Grace from the School of Health and Life Sciences. Staff at the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation will also contribute to this CRC.

The challenge

Australia’s health costs as a percentage of GDP are increasing dramatically. In the 10 years to 2013-14, health expenditure outstripped inflation, population growth and the rate of population aging. In 2015-16 total healthcare spend was $170.4 billion - 10.3% of GDP (Source: AIHW).

In an age when people expect access to advanced healthcare and better health outcomes, public and private health organisations alike recognise that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are crucial. As a result of this, and the rapid digitisation of health services around the world, the demand for health data scientists, health technologists and technology-literate clinical staff has never been greater.


The Digital Health CRC is developing a unique, multidisciplinary, collaborative taskforce of research, clinical, industry, government and educational organisations to focus research and development on combining individual and collective expertise with data, information and telecommunication technologies.

A world-leading research and innovation centre is also being built, with all work designed to address identified industry issues by:

  • Empowering consumers
  • Improving understanding of health risks in individuals and communities
  • Supporting clinical practice
  • Improving system efficiency by joining up data
  • Improving access to quality care
  • Building and enhancing businesses to provide high-value jobs and solutions in a growing global market
  • Developing Australia’s future digital health workforce.

Over 80 organisations, including health funds, larger and small health and technology providers, and 16 universities, have joined this Australia-wide research and development consortium.


Digital Health CRC approach flow diagram

How the Digital Health CRC will work

How the Digital Health CRC will work
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