Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)


Comprehensive support is offered to prospective and existing clients alike. Ongoing support and assistance is one of the main philosophies of CeRDI, and all client contracts include a support component. This ensures ongoing confidence in the website infrastructure and ability to make improvements and adjustments when required.

Client Support

On the completion of project development, CeRDI clients are provided with access to the CeRDI Helpdesk. This online helpdesk management system allows clients to log support requests directly to the CeRDI team. The CeRDI Helpdesk allows CeRDI staff and clients to effectively track the progress of requests.

We ask that all clients attempt to use the CeRDI Helpdesk as their first point of contact in relation to all client support requests - even if the request refers to a job sent via traditional email.

For all other client support enquiries contact:

New Clients and Project Proposals

For all new clients or for queries relating to a project proposal contact: Helen Thompson or Andrew Macleod.

Technical Support

All other CeRDI enquiries should be submitted via the CeRDI Feedback & Enquiries Form, or telephone +61 3 5327 9315.


All CeRDI documentation can be made available by contacting us.