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National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre trials single source publishing

21 March 2011

CeCC has recently completed the first stage of a project for the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) to transition a subset of their clinical resources into a Single Source Publishing platform utilising CeCC Docbook Manager.


The National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) is Australia’s national authority and source of evidence-based information on breast and ovarian cancer. Funded by the Australian Government, NBOCC works in partnership with health professionals, cancer organisations, researchers, governments and those diagnosed to improve outcomes in breast and ovarian cancer. NBOCC plays a vital role in the translation of worldwide cancer research into meaningful and evidence-based information to:

  • guide the work of Australian health professionals
  • improve health service delivery
  • inform people with breast or ovarian cancer about all aspects of their diagnosis and
  • treatment
  • inform and provide advice on policy development
  • raise community awareness about these diseases.

Within the next year NBOCC will merge with Cancer Australia. The amalgamation of the two agencies will combine the experience and efforts of both organisations to further strengthen the Government’s strategic focus on cancer and create a solid platform for the coordination of cancer research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment initiatives at a national level.

NBOCC provides a range of printed and online resources as a free service to all Australians.

The resources have been written for general and clinical audiences covering a range of breast and ovarian cancer topics. Many of these resources are available as PDF documents and in printed form. Printed publications can be ordered online and delivered free of charge within Australia.

About the project

NBOCC was seeking to enhance work practices and systems which currently underpin the production, maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based clinical best practice information on breast and ovarian cancer. NBOCC was also seeking to reduce expenditure associated with external design services and hard copy resource production.

Using CeCC Docbook Manager, NBOCC can now produce web, print, and pdf versions of their resources from a single source.   Editors, reviewers and soon-to-be (external stakeholders) can access Docbook Manager using a web-based editing environment reducing both time used for preparation/production and the reliance on external design services.

About CeCC Docbook Manager

The CeCC Docbook Manager is a web-based application designed to facilitate the management and publication of large documents or books. The application is based upon a write-once, publish anywhere methodology otherwise known as ‘single source publishing’. The Docbook application has been very successfully deployed as the primary technology platform in a range of different contexts.  For further information on Docbook click here.

Click here to view the NBOCC guidelines

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