Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)

Online Surveys

CeRDI has extensive experience working with web-based surveys - from conception and design to collection and analysis. CeRDI can develop custom built survey applications for situations such as skills mapping, accreditation or learning systems. Where fast and cost-effective survey creation is required, CeRDI provides access to LimeSurvey - an open source survey generator program. The CeRDI team regularly use this software to develop online surveys for clients because of its powerful analysis and data export features. The application is also quite flexible, allowing CeRDI to customise surveys to fit into the style of any website.

Custom Built Surveys

CeRDI can build web versions of your paper-based surveys and customise the reporting functionality to your needs. Prices will vary based on the complexity of your requirements. Examples of some of the possible options are outlined below.

  • The simplest type of survey is one in which the results are emailed in text form to the survey administrator who can then use his/her preferred statistical programs to analyse the results.
  • A more advanced technique is to have the survey results inputted into a database which can export the results in comma separated or other formats for further processing.
  • If dynamic reports and graphs are required this can be facilitated via more advanced database handling. CeRDI has substantial experience in developing surveys of this kind.
  • The most advanced type of survey handling mechanism is one which has all the benefits of the third option above but also allows the management and updating of survey results. CeRDI has developed several skills audit systems where the survey participants can return to the system to update their responses via a login and password.


Examples of CeRDI custom built survey applications include:

Wendouree West Community Skills Survey

CeRDI was engaged to develop the services which support the Wendouree West Community Skills Survey. Activities have included developing web-based and paper-based versions of the survey, training relevant staff and community volunteers, hosting the database and providing ongoing technical advice and support. This project is just one initiative within the Wendouree West Renewal Project and the broader Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy, which is an initiative of the Department of Human Services as part of the State Government's Growing Victoria Together agenda to build more cohesive communities and reduce inequalities.

Ballarat Information Communications Technology (ICT) Directory

This custom built application assists in building and maintaining an accurate profile of the Ballarat ICT sector. Participating ICT organisations contribute to showcasing the local ICT community, its products, services, skills and expertise. They also assist in promoting further development of Ballarat as a location for ICT suppliers and users.

LimeSurvey Survey Generator

CeRDI can facilitate access to the open source LimeSurvey survey generator. This survey generator:

  • Supports the construction and publishing of online surveys.
  • Includes email notification services to inform relevant parties when surveys are submitted.
  • Can provide analysis of the information collected via charts, tables and graphs.
  • Includes option to view individual survey responses using the standard reporting features.
  • Facilitates export of survey data to other formats to support further statistical analysis.

The LimeSurvey system may not be suitable in all situations as it restricts question types and layout.


Examples of the LimeSurvey surveys which have been integrated with client’s existing online services include:


FedUni Pulse is a survey run by the Federation University Australia and provides a convenient online system for staff to provide regular, anonymous feedback to the Vice-Chancellor and the senior team. It's part of the University's continuous improvement program and is aimed at giving all staff members the opportunity to express their views and thoughts on a whole range of topics relating to the University.


Strategic review of the ELC Network

The University of Ballarat and the Brotherhood of St Laurence researchers were engaged by the Department of Human Services to undertake a Strategic Review of the Employment and Learning Coordinator (ELC) Network. At the end of the review process a series of questions were prepared to support University of Ballarat researchers in gathering structured feedback on the Strategic Review and its key recommendations. By completing the online survey Neighbourhood Renewal Managers, auspice organisations and ELC Network members assisted in identifying how ELC engagement could be further strengthened. The process also supported Neighbourhood Renewal Central in setting future directions and priorities for the ELC Network.