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CECC eXtra Newsletter - June 2000

1 June 2000

CECC and GEC Achievers

Congratulations to Matthew Coates for taking out the 1999 Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence!

The Award was presented to Matthew at a graduation ceremony at the University on 19th May, where he received a Distinction in his combined Batchelor of Computing and Batchelor of Commerce Degree.

Matthew, who worked at CECC as Project Officer from its inception in 1998, recently commenced work with the prestigious Melbourne corporates, Arthur Andersen.

Since his move to Melbourne, Matthew has done consultancy work for CECC and recently completed a Marketing Plan for the Project.

And there are more...

Andrew MacLeod, CECC's Technical Officer and webmaster for the portal project graduated with Honours with a Batchelor of Applied Science, Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

At the same ceremony, Helen Thompson, Project Leader for the CECC-managed Project graduated with Distinction in a Batchelor of Commerce (Accounting) Degree.

Congratulations Andrew and Helen!

Even though CECC has more than its fair share of talent, the Greenhill Enterprise Centre (where CECC is based) abounds with it. Other graduates housed within this complex were:

Barry Wright (Oztrak) - MBA
Ben Stickland (Alliance Software) - Batchelor of Management
Tony Dovaston ( - Batchelor of Computing
Shaun Broadbent (CSM) - Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) (Honours)
Michael Doherty (CSM) - Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) (Honours)
Chris Sullivan (CSM) - Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) (Honours)

Collaborative Centre for eHealth formed

CECC and the University have announced the formation of the Collaborative Centre for eHealth (CCeH).

The establishment of the Centre has been necessary because of the significant growth of healthcare projects and research that has been carried out by CECC over the past three years. These projects have typically been closely aligned to the current recognised demands of the healthcare sector and the major healthcare policy stakeholders.

The CCeH has been founded on a collaborative model in order to enhance the ability to draw from a wide range of interests and expertise of the different stakeholders of the Australian and local health system. Invited stakeholders who are potential contributors to a CCeH Advisory Group are:

Collaborative researchers -

  • Information Services Branch
  • Centre for Rural and Regional Health
  • School of IT & Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • Ballarat & District Division of General Practice
  • Ballarat Health Services

The scope of the CCeH activities include health informatics, health eBusiness, telemedicine, healthcare electronic messaging, telematics and telemetry.

eHealth-related projects currently managed by CECC include the Authority Notification System (ANS) and Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (AHML). (See below for further information on these projects)

Authority Notification System Project

The Authority Notification System (ANS) Messaging Project has been established to design, develop and test a new model for notification of Authority Prescription ordering between General Practice and the Health Insurance Commission by electronic messaging.

The University is contracted to the HIC to provide technical infrastructure and also interface with the software industry.

This project is viewed by the HIC and Health & Aged Care as a groundbreaking project which is the forerunner of a wide range of activities involving healthcare messaging. It is a 'proof of concept' which is testing the viability of the Internet as a transport mechanism for healthcare messages, of public key infrastructure and data security, and the testing of standardised health messaging in HL7 format.

It is intended that the messaging will be a 'seamless' product of the prescribing process using standard commercially-available prescribing software. The project includes the design of the technical elements, the implementation of this messaging into a number of commercial packages, the testing of this messaging within a 'test-bed' environment and the trialing in a live environment with practices in the Ballarat region.

Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory

The 'Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory' is an initiative of the UoB and CECC, and has been established to provide a research, development, testing and eventually certification/compliance mechanism for healthcare messages for health eBusiness and health data messaging.

In the first instance, the AHML will provide a testing and development environment for a project that the University is conjointly undertaking with the Ballarat District Division of General Practice on behalf of the Health Insurance Commission. The University's role in this project is to assist the software industry to develop, and test messages from prescribers (doctors) to the HIC for Authority prescription notifications and provide an ongoing environment for the software companies to test similar messages and develop new messages.

The Laboratory will also provide a 'test bed' environment for the testing of public key encryption facilities that will be progressively implemented by the software industry as it advances in the development of features that require swapping and transmission of medical and eBusiness data using the Internet.

Visit the AHML website for the full story.

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