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Knowledge Management

Knowledge management refers to the effective management of knowledge resources through the capture, storage and retrieval of information for future use. The implementation of effective knowledge management strategies is essential for optimal functioning and is particularly important for organisations where knowledge and information generation is at the core of their business and as a key business asset.

CeRDI has worked closely with many different organisations to implement effective knowledge management processes to enable organisations to (a) better manage information internally, and (b) disseminate information more widely to its stakeholders and the general public.

CeRDI has extensive experience in utilising web-based technologies to improve organisational work practices that fulfil the knowledge management requirements of organisations.

CeRDI does this by first understanding the organisation, its workflows and information requirements. It then consults with the organisation’s key stakeholders to map appropriate solutions using existing CeRDI products and matched to client applications. This is a valuable process that enables the client to visualise the use of applications and to apply these concepts to addressing their own organisational issues.

Once a solution has been identified, CeRDI usually implements a prototype system for initial testing and feedback from users. This step is important in refining the application consistent with user needs. New features and extensions are often identified at the stage when clients have used the prototype system. CeRDI is quite receptive to new ideas and extensions provided they fit with the initial problem and do not extend the project parameters too greatly. This process ensures the vast majority of CeRDI solutions are used and useful.

The development process does not finish with the launch of the application. CeRDI understands that organisational change takes time, and an ongoing support arrangement ensures all services are backed up with comprehensive technical assistance, training and documentation. Extensions and enhancements are also available upon request.

Knowledge management projects

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