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Interoperable Framework to Integrate Involuntary Geospatial Data in Web Based Geoportals

by Shirish Sharma


Assoc Prof Peter Dahlhaus
Dr Angela Murphy
Dr Iman Avazpour

Research overview

Research in data integration is gaining momentum recently as a result of rapidly advancing technology which offers an increasing availability of data. However, heterogeneous data from disparate sources are often difficult to seamlessly integrate due to a wide array of data types, structures formats in use. With rise of the web and social media, involuntary data generated by citizens holds great potential in enriching information from prevalent authoritative data sources. This research attempts to bring together geospatial data from involuntary sources such as social networks into web based geoportals. While current technologies do allow such integration, the lack of a standardised framework makes this manual integration process cumbersome. Therefore, this research aims at developing an interoperable framework to allow a streamlined integration of involuntary geospatial data into web based geoportals. Use cases, from a variety of relevant contexts, will be developed to evaluate the novel framework. The outcome of this research shall help enrich existing geosptial data in web based geoportals and as a result will help improve decision making practices.

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