Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)

Project Update - 19 June 2011

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Past research

Central Highlands ICT Study

Wimmera Mallee ICT Study

  • The Wimmera Southern Mallee ICT Study was completed in January 2011 and is a plan to guide actions to enhance ICT in the Wimmera Southern Mallee region, building upon the Central Highlands ICT Study
  • The Wimmera Southern Mallee ICT Study report and recommendations are available online
  • A major source of primary data for the study was an online survey with more than 300 businesses and residents participating. The mapped outputs from the survey were recently enhanced and can be reviewed at a regional, LGA and township level

Research in progress

Yarra Ranges Broadband Economy Study

  • The Yarra Ranges Broadband Economy Study will determine how a broadband economy, through improved ICT infrastructure and its use, will impact economic development and levels of community innovation in the Yarra Ranges municipality. It involves assessing current broadband services, the factors impacting broadband supply and levels of pent up demand for ICT services
  • A total of 273 valid survey responses were received during the March – April 2011 data collection period, with an iPad 2 used as an incentive to participate. Survey results have been mapped and can be reviewed at a LGA and township level
  • 17 interviews have been completed across a range of business and community sectors
  • Project reporting for the study is currently being finalised

Great South Coast Regional Communications Strategy

  • The Great South Coast Regional Communications Strategy will provide the vision for the region to move forward and be a leader in the ‘digital innovation community’ and assist in enhancing readiness for an early roll-out of the NBN. It will include an action plan to engage the region's community and businesses in the acceptance of and maximisation of the benefits derived from NBN connectivity
  • 598 businesses and residents have completed the regional communications survey in the period since 17 May 2011. Survey results have been mapped and can be reviewed at a regional, LGA and township level
  • Interviews for eight regional case studies have been completed across a range of sectors including business services, agriculture, health and education
  • Project activities will be finalised during July 2011

Useful information

Grampians Rural Health Alliance video demonstrating NBN benefits

  • David Ryan of Grampians Rural Health Alliance is featured in a video sharing his vision for the future of health services enabled by the NBN

National Digital Economy Strategy launched at CeBIT

Broadband Champion – Dr Helen Thompson

  • The Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy recently invited Dr Helen Thompson to become a Broadband Champion representing the interests of regional Australians. Broadband Champions are each respected experts in their field who are passionate about helping households and businesses to better understand how they can benefit from high-speed broadband. They represent key areas which the NBN will impact such as health, education, business and innovation

Wimmera Mallee Community Sustainability Conference

  • An article published in Wimmera Mallee Times on 13 May 2001 profiled the Wimmera Mallee Community Sustainability Conference in Stawell where Dr Helen Thompson presented ICT research in the Wimmera and Southern Mallee and likely changes in the way people will use communications tools in the future

NBN information pack

  • NBN Co has released a comprehensive information pack regarding all aspects of the NBN, primarily intended to be used by local government

NBN: A guide for consumers

  • The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) launched NBN: A guide for consumers in April 2011 which answers common questions about the Internet, broadband and the NBN

NBN fibre opt-out

  • ACCAN believes there will be no downside to most consumers having their premises 'NBN ready' and is calling on the government to make NBN fibre-optic cable installations automatic unless individual property owners choose to opt-out

$50 million to boost Tasmania’s ICT sector

  • The Tasmanian ICT Centre has been extended for five years after receiving a $50 million package enabling the centre to conduct research into enabling technologies and to build the skills and tools that will help Tasmania exploit the benefits of the NBN

Four Corners: The National Broadband Network

  • On 11 April 2011 Four Corners aired an episode exploring the debate over the NBN and sizing it up. Along with the episode Four Corners produced a website dedicated to the NBN

Korea-Australia-New Zealand (KANZ) Broadband Summit 2011: Digital Futures

  • The KANZ Broadband Summit 2011: Digital Futures was held in Hobart from 27-29 April 2011 and brought together industry, research and government representatives to share insights into their experiences in developing broadband-enabled digital economies and to explore potential joint ventures. Videos of the presentations are now available

Google boss weighs in to NBN debate

  • The chief executive of Google has given a big tick of approval to the federal government's national broadband strategy, describing it as a mark of 'excellent leadership' and a catalyst for innovation and change

Asialink National ICT Forum

  • Speaker presentations, photographs, media coverage, videos and podcasts are now available from the Asialink National ICT Forum held on 10 March 2011

Connecting Communities: The impact of broadband on communities in the UK and its implications for Australia

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