Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)

GIS Studies

Geographical information can inform ‘big picture’ understanding and enhance regional decision making processes, create greater efficiencies in communication, increase the quality of information and support policy formulation and evaluation.  CeRDI has undertaken a number of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) research studies.

City of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire

CeRDI has been engaged to review existing GIS strategies and current GIS usage and technologies for both the City of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire.  Associated research will be completed during the period between July and October 2010. For further informaton click here City of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire GIS Study.

Gippsland Local Government Network

The Gippsland Local Government Network has identified GIS as a priority application for the GippsLink Shared ICT Services Project.  During January 2010, CeRDI was engaged by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development to assist in researching the business case for the GIS application.  Associated research was completed during May 2010.  For further information click here Gippsland GIS Study.

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

During 2006, CeRDI was commissioned to investigate the area of web-based GIS, to present an analysis of feasible options and to make recommendations for future directions for the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (Corangamite CMA). The Research Team recommend that the Corangamite CMA adopt a three-stage approach towards the full implementation of an Online Spatial Data Project.  For further information click here Corangamite CMA Web GIS.