Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)


eResearch describes a set of activities that harness the power of advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs) for research. Characterised by collaboration and facilitated by fast, high capacity networks, the range of potential eResearch activities is diverse and multi-disciplinary. Key themes and drivers of eResearch include:

  • Data management and sharing
  • Research collaboration
  • High performance computing
  • Customised discipline specific technologies to support research practices

eResearch methodologies and capabilities can be applied in all research disciplines.  As an enabler of innovations and new discoveries, eResearch has the potential to boost research effectiveness across all disciplines through increased interactivity between researchers and enhanced access to research outputs.

In Australia, adoption of eResearch tools and services has been highly variable across research disciplines.

The opportunity to enhance UB performance in this area has been recognised and since early 2012, CeRDI has been given organisation-wide responsibility for leading eResearch developments. The recent appointment of an eResearch Research Fellow in CeRDI provides further evidence of UB’s commitment in this area.

eResearch Projects

UB has a number of exemplar projects that  illustrate the benefits and opportunities for eResearch by enhancing existing research processes, making them more efficient and effective, and enabling new kinds of research collaboration opportunities.

There is an opportunity to build on this capability area by attracting investment from a combination of traditional and non-traditional funding sources.