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The Central Highlands Digital Enterprise program, branded as DigiBiz, is an Australian Government-funded initiative under the Digital Enterprise programMore...


Digital Futures

Increasingly, digital technologies are influencing and impacting upon our lives, shaping and precipitating change in human behaviour, our society, and the wider economy. Digital futures comprises activities that examine the changes occurring through digital technologies and the impact this has on the wider community.

As an enabler and promoter of ICT, CeRDI is deeply committed to undertaking research to explore how digital technologies are influencing change in our local community, and across the region.

As with the eResearch domain, CeRDI is also uniquely placed to apply different methodologies across various disciplines to examine the impact of digital technologies on knowledge uptake and transfer.  

Currently CeRDI is working closely with the local community on research and engagement activities focusing on the opportunities available through improved telecommunications infrastructure, generated by the Australian government’s National Broadband Network. The Central Highlands Digital Enterprise project is being led by CeRDI and has been funded by the Australian Government, the State government and local governments in Ballarat, Hepburn, Pyrenees, and Golden Plains. The project is providing public awareness and skills development through training and advice for small-to-medium enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and local cultural institutions about the National Broadband Network (NBN). The overall aim of the project is to facilitate greater understanding and adoption of new opportunities available through the NBN, as it becomes available in the local region. The project has wide reach and research is being conducted in parallel with this project to assess the adoption of new learnings and practices for those participating in the project.

As the NBN unfolds across Australia, a group of prominent Australians are promoting the benefits of the next generation broadband through their role as national broadband champions.  CeRDI Director, Dr Helen Thompson has been appointed a national broadband champion. This reflects her extensive knowledge, research and ICT experience and her strong connections with the community. In this role, Dr Thompson and CeRDI will continue to explore the digital futures generated by the NBN.

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