Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)

Case Studies

CeRDI is currently or has recently completed innovative projects in partnership with the following organisations.  This highlights the diversity of the work the Centre is undertaking and its capacity to successfully complete projects, many with extensive budgets and timelines.

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

In order to streamline access to a range of land information, the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) initiated the Internet Distribution of Data Project - a web-based, interoperative Geographic Information System (GIS).

Knitting gigabites of information into an easy to use, functional, web-based environment fell to the University's Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI). "Our expertise in web-based application development coupled with our extensive database development skills have provided the missing link between GIS experts and the public," says Andrew MacLeod, Manager Technical Projects with CeRDI. Find out more...

Grains Research and Development Corporation

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is a giant of the world's grain corporations, with a mission to invest in innovation for the greatest benefit of its primary stakeholders - graingrowers - and the Australian Government. With a repository of final reports dating back to the early 1990s, the GRDC identified a pressing need to evaluate, convert and collate them into a consistent and accessible format. "The various research bodies, contractors and individuals undertaking research for the GRDC have, until recently, supplied their findings in very diverse media and styles," explains Helen Thompson, Director of the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI). Find out more...

Single Source Publishing

Docbook Manager was created with Rural Law Online 'first off the press'.

Following the initial transfer of the existing hard-copy handbook into the CeRDI system, the Rural Law Handbook can now be easily updated and re-published at any time, and in several formats, including a highly successful website. The spontaneous and accessible nature of the world-wide-web has seen Rural Law Online overtake its printed counterpart. Find out more...

Birchip Cropping Group

The Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) is a farmer-driven agricultural organisation operating as a not-for-profit incorporated association, conducting applied research and extension on all the major crops grown in the region. The Group's purpose has been redefined since its inception and aims to investigate the critical success factors that ensure sustainable and profitable crop production systems. Find out more...

Other Feature Articles

Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater

Partners include Queensland University of Technology; Natural Resources Canada; CSIRO; Department of Sustainability and Environment

Digital Enterprise

Partners include City of Ballarat; Pyrenees Shire, Hepburn Shire, Golden Plains Shire, as well as Regional Development Victoria

Sport and Recreation Spatial

School of Health Sciences, UB, in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission, Victoria University and VicHealth

Barwon South West, State Fire Management Planning Support

Partners include Country Fire Authority, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Catchment Management and Water authorities

Australia’s Community Legal Sector

Partners include National Association of Community Legal Centres, NSW Law and Justice Foundation, Legal Services Commission of South Australia, Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria, Legal Assistance Forums in Victoria and NSW and Fitzroy Legal Service.